Frugal Beauty. Most Loved Make-Up Brands

Everyone knows I love make-up and if you know me, you know I’m good at it and I LOVE color!
I often get asked about the products and brands I use. And when I wear certain colors, I get stopped and asked what I’m wearing.
So today, I’ll share my favorite brands with y’all.

Crafty Kind of Day

Today was an atypical, “typical” day in the Turner house.
Munchkin Number Two, popped up in my bed at around 5:30AM, waking up the sleeping kitten and the sleeping Mommy. After 10 minutes of giggling with the kitten and swimming in my bed, put him in his room with a CD and got back in bed.
Munchkin Number One, appeared soon after to “check on her kitten”.  Apparently it was time for us to get up.
Told them to go play for a minute while I got dressed and got the sleepy out of my system. 3 minutes later, I hear a crash, something shattering, and 2 Munchkins screaming for Mommy.