Crafty Kind of Day

Today was an atypical, “typical” day in the Turner house.
Munchkin Number Two, popped up in my bed at around 5:30AM, waking up the sleeping kitten and the sleeping Mommy. After 10 minutes of giggling with the kitten and swimming in my bed, put him in his room with a CD and got back in bed.
Munchkin Number One, appeared soon after to “check on her kitten”.  Apparently it was time for us to get up.
Told them to go play for a minute while I got dressed and got the sleepy out of my system. 3 minutes later, I hear a crash, something shattering, and 2 Munchkins screaming for Mommy.
Munchkin Number 2, had stolen a quarter from my nightstand and wanted to put it in his piggy bank. The piggy was no longer with us, but a huge mess was! Carpet was covered with change and shattered ceramic.
That was a fun hour and a half first thing in the morning and without coffee I might add.
Now, what to do with all his change?
This was the 2nd bank he’s broken in a year, so another “breakable” item is out of the question. Time to get crafty.
After breakfast and Munchkin Number 2’s nap, we hop into the car and take a trip to Hobby Lobby for some inspiration.
Find some promising supplies and head back home, ignoring, well almost, all the beautiful Fall and Christmas decorations that were just calling to me…
 Here’s what I got: 4 acrylic paints, .99 each. One large blank decoupage box, 50% off, $2.19. 1 cardboard letter, “T”, $1.99. 1 Football Decoration, .99. White Glue, .99. 1 oval twig wreath, $5.49. And 1 sunflower garland, 50% off, $4.99.
Then, Munchkin #1 and I started painting.
She worked on the “T” and I worked on the box that would be a bank.
An hour later, I was pretty impressed with the results!
I added some accents to the “T”.
And had a finished “Sunflower” Wreath for the door for Fall. Munchkin Number One loves sunflowers!
The bank came out great and matched the decor better than any old piggy anyway! And Daddy (my hunny) and Munchkin Number Two loved it! I think I did a good job!
After crafting with Munchkin Number One, I whipped up some delicious cucumber and avocado salad.
Super easy!
Ripe cucumbers, Ripe avocado, Salt and Pepper.
Great thing is that the water from the cucumbers and the creaminess of the avocado make a “dressing” of sorts!
I highly recommend!
And our last “project” for today was the Munchkin’s Kid Corner since both will be going to school!
Repurposed an old bulletin board with some spray paint we had on hand, some Command hangers, and some construction paper letters, and I think it’s fabulous!
What do you think?
Total cost… $2.69 for the Command hangers.

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