Frugal Beauty. Most Loved Make-Up Brands

Everyone knows I love make-up and if you know me, you know I’m good at it and I LOVE color!
I often get asked about the products and brands I use. And when I wear certain colors, I get stopped and asked what I’m wearing.
So today, I’ll share my favorite brands with y’all.
I’ll also post a few links to my favorite sites and they are all great products, but very reasonable.
As far as base and concealer, I ONLY use Bare Minerals. It’s been that way for about 10 years now. No liquid foundation for me.
The same goes for blush, I’m a Bare Minerals kind of girl.
Now eyes and lips, I’m all over the place!
Some of my very favorite brands are: NYX, e.l.f. (eyes, lips, face), MAC, TND Cosmetics (The Nail Dazzle), Tarte, Sephora, and of course Bare Minerals.
Some of these are brands you’ve heard of and some are probably brands you are not familiar with.
elf Cosmetics
For those who love color and a good bargain, e.l.f. is a brand for you. There are SO many products and most are around $3.00. Can’t beat that. They have kits, mineral make-up, and just good pigmented color for a very good price. Bonus, if you join their e-mail list, you also get coupons!
Also today, free shipping with any order over $15.
NYX is one of my very favorite makeup brands of all time and the prices simply cannot be beat. The colors are very similar to the more expensive MAC eye shadows, but at a mere fraction of the cost. NYX lip products are also phenomenal. And the majority of their products are under $10. Palettes and Collections are also an amazing way to get a large assortment of colors at a small cost.
NYX also has a blog with great tutorials.
Now, I have recently discovered TND Cosmetics and I have to say, they are my new favorite! The colors are crazy pigmented and all are all natural mineral shadows! I am IN LOVE! There are over 130 shadows to choose from and they offer eye glitters too. And of course Nail Art. Their colors are even better than MAC in my opinion and at $5.00 each, you can go crazy! She also offers deals occasionally if you “Like” the FB page! Deals like 50% off!
And she offers SAMPLES! You can sample as many shades as you like of the mineral eye shadows and glitters in the most “fabulous” colors for $1.00 each! No other company I’ve found allows you to do that. I love this!
She’s also offering a new product for those nuts about nails, called nail foiling. I shall be ordering some for myself to try out very soon.
TND Cosmetics

That’s all for now. Going meet a pal for some Blogging tips!


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