Kids Feet Ghost Canvas Art

Fall is my favorite season, but Halloween is one of my children’s favorite holidays.

Every year we have a Halloween bash, and every year it gets a little larger. This means more decorations, more people, and more food.

I love involving my kids in the crafts. They are allowed to get messy, their creativity comes out, and it’s great family time.

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All That Glitters. Shatterproof Glitter Bulbs

Sorry for the length between posts, but it was a busy weekend and I had a cosmetic glitter mishap with my eye.

Christmas is right around the corner. I love Christmas! Therefore, my Christmas crafting and holiday prepping have begun.

Deciding on my tree decor, planning my menus, and getting our gift lists in order, are just a few of the things on my “To Do List”.

We are upgrading from a 7’5 foot tree to a 9′ tree this year, so of course that means I need more ornaments.

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Fall Painted Vase Display

Like Fall displays?

Want to make your very own Fall vase (or whatever kind you want) inexpensively and beautifully?

I had the idea and executed it yesterday and I am very very pleased with the results!

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Mocha Frappe (I need a Coffee House)

Ok, well as I’m certain you’ve realized by now… coffee is my addiction. My guilty pleasure. My vice if you will.

Starbucks, Community Coffee (down here in Louisiana), PJ’s, etc, they all get a nice chunk of my money this time of year. I cannot go out to run errands without stopping at one of these to grab a jolt of java.

But I also MAKE tons of coffees at home for myself and my husband. We have the fancy machines and espresso makers, The steamers, and the syrups.

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Crock Pot Meatloaf. So easy it should be illegal.

Super busy lives don’t mean you can’t have a good home cooked, comfort meal!

Crock pots are amazing and once you get the ingredients mixed up, throw it in there and forget about it until it’s time to eat.

Perfect for a great hot meal at the end of a busy day!

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