Ribbon Hair Ties, I Can Do That

We’ve all seen the cute little elastic ribbon hair ties in boutiques and stores and in practically everyone’s hair lately. Everyone is wearing them and at $2 to $4 a pop or 4 for $15, they’re cute but pricey.  Especially when you must have one in every color to match your wardrobe.  That adds up really fast.
My 4 year old daughter has friends who wear them at school and has been telling me she “NEEDS” some.
Knowing my daughter and knowing what a fashionista and a diva she is, I knew that would be very expensive, so I thought, I can do that!


First step, scour the Internet to find the elastic in fashionable colors at a reasonable price.  I ended up finding this lovely website, Abby’s Bowtique, with the elastic for $1.00 a yard and loads of colors.
(My elastic was here in 2 days)

I recently went from this to this, so I can’t really use the cute ties right now:


You should need your elastic, a lighter (to keep your edges from fraying), sharp scissors, and your hands.

Obviously the thicker your hair is, the longer you will want your elastic to be.  I used about 7 inches.  That’s a little longer than a pair of standard scissors.  (But my daughter is 4 and has fine hair.)

Cut the length you want and run the flame lightly over the edges of the elastic where you’ve cut it to stop it from fraying.  I like uneven edges, so I cut on an angle. I also think it’s prettier.

Then just tie a knot in the elastic leaving a little out on the ends to fan out once you wrap your ponytail. It makes a bow effect.

It takes about a minute to make one. And in 10 minutes, you can have an entire supply for yourself, your little diva, or gift giving.




10 thoughts on “Ribbon Hair Ties, I Can Do That

  1. I love this!!!! These are very popular down South and are 4.00 each!!! We have 2.
    I’m going to order some now! Thanks a bunch<3

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