Typical Day

Super productive day. And while many things have been crossed off my list, the fact that I continuously add to the list throughout the day means it never gets shorter. Typical day here at Chateau De Turner.

You have to love the house of a Stay at Home Mom. I swear I’ve never worked as much in my life as I have the past 5 years. Something always needs to get done, some things never get done, the kids always need or want something, someone is constantly getting hurt, but at the same time I get to experience everything about my kids. I miss nothing. Some things, like catching puke with my bare hands and changing beds and underwear 10 times a day with potty training, I could have done without though. That was not in the Mommy Manual! Today was a school day for my oldest, almost 5, but not for my youngest, 3. I thought, I’d get so much done once both were in school, though my baby only goes 3 days a week for a few hours. However, if anything, I get less done with the dropping the kids at their respective schools, my full days, and then picking them back up.

This morning, I woke both kids up, put on Disney Junior, my daughter and I made Chocolate Cinnamon Rolls for breakfast (Yes, I said chocolate cinnamon rolls), got them dressed, did her hair (a daily feat), drove to school, walked my daughter to the hall, my son and I came home, got laundry on, folded a load of clothes, unloaded and reloaded my dishwasher with this mornings dishes, did a craft for my daughter as a surprise, switched the clothes over, vacuumed the front of the house, played a game with my son, read him a book, made lunch together, rocked him and put him down for a nap, back to cleaning up the front of my house, straightened my island, cleaned out the fridge, started dusting, my son wakes up and wants to watch a show with me, so we rocked and watched Fresh Beat Band, and now I’m about to head to pick up my daughter from school, and then come home and do homework, play with them, get dinner ready, etc…

The list keeps GROWING!

But that’s a typical day here and honestly I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Ok, that’s a lie. I can’t wait until next year when both of my children are in school and I can actually get something accomplished during the day. But for now, I’m enjoying my baby being my baby and hearing about my Baby Girl’s day everyday.

A few pics. Earlier, I mentioned Chocolate Cinnamon Rolls. Pillsbury Special Edition with Hershey’s icing to be exact. And they are very very good!


I like to make things for my children and they are both very spoiled, but I’m their mother and that’s my job is the way I see it.

Last night, my daughter was looking at Pinterest with me (one of our favorite pastimes) and she saw a Ribbon Ghost that she thought was so cute. She said, “Mommy, that’s so cute. Can you make me one like that?”

And me being me said, “Yes Baby. I can make you one like that. What color do you want?”

“I think I want purple. I like purple, but can I have polka dots?”

“I will see what I can do for you Baby Girl.”

This was the inspiration.


And here’s what I came up with this morning.


I think I did pretty well! And the second bow is just one that she picked the ribbon out for, so I whipped that up for her as well.



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