Fall Painted Vase Display

Like Fall displays?

Want to make your very own Fall vase (or whatever kind you want) inexpensively and beautifully?

I had the idea and executed it yesterday and I am very very pleased with the results!

I had a few vases laying around my house and I also had some paint, so I decided to play and see what I could come up with.

Materials Needed:
*Glass vases, bowls, or jars (Dollar Tree has great one’s)

*Paint in the colors you want to use. (I used acrylic)

*Brush (I used about a half inch wide)

*Paper plate (to mix colors)

*Water (to rinse brush between coats if you are only using one)

*Paper towels (to dry brush)

*Newspaper (to cover work area)

*polyurethane (To “seal” the inside of the glass)


Dip the brush into the colors you want to use first and randomly go around the inside of the jar. (I used simple squares or rectangles as my pattern). Do this with every color you want to use. Overlap colors so there are no bare spots. Once entire inside is covered with paint and you paint the bottom. Use the brush and drag it from the bottom to the top around the entire inside of the vase. Blending and smearing colors together.

Once inside dries, coat with a thin layer of Poly. Let dry. Use as you want.


Another couple of views.

Also another pic of my mantle since I used my babies handprints to make “leaves” yesterday and let them each have a square of the fireplace to display an “art project”. I like to include my children in my decorating.


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