Kids Feet Ghost Canvas Art

Fall is my favorite season, but Halloween is one of my children’s favorite holidays.

Every year we have a Halloween bash, and every year it gets a little larger. This means more decorations, more people, and more food.

I love involving my kids in the crafts. They are allowed to get messy, their creativity comes out, and it’s great family time.

I found canvas on sale last weekend at Hobby Lobby, so I bought some and this is our first project with it.


Blank Canvas (any size you want. This one is 11×14, I think)

Acrylic Paints (any color you choose. I used Black, White, and Burnt Orange)

Various Brushes

Water (to rinse your brushes)

Kids Feet (I used my munchkins)

Paper or Tarp (to cover your work area)

Paint the canvas black.

Make sure you get the edges.

Once dry. Paint the bottom of your Munchkin’s foot.

Slap that thing on the painted canvas. Try to keep them as still as possible. And you want to make the print upside down so the toes are the bottom of the ghost.

Paint the other munchkin’s foot and repeat above process. (Or if you only have one munchkin or you are using your own foot, do both feet)

Place it wherever you want on the canvas. (While Munchkin #2 was at school, I painted BOO and the year on the canvas, as well as added my ghost face)

Add your finishing touches once dry. (Face and kids names in my case)

And it’s DONE!

Please excuse my nails. I need to redo them today. 🙂


And lagniappe,  just because it’s so cute and I think it should be in a calendar!

A pic of my daughter’s cat “helping” with the Fall decorations this weekend.


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