Holiday Mode!

I am in “Holiday Mode” over here.

I’ve just ordered my 9 foot prelit Christmas tree.  My Halloween party menu is planned, now working on the decorations. My house is completely decorated for Fall and I’m getting our Thanksgiving menu planned. My daughter’s 5th birthday is also in November and I am in party prep mode. Menu and decor are “almost” done. And Christmas Lists are almost ready to start being checked off.

Pinterest has been my favorite thing this year with all of this going on.

I have so many boards from decorations, to crafts, to food.

It’s seriously like the coolest thing ever. 🙂

With my new 9 foot tree, I will be needing more decorations and this is the first year I’m actually going to have a theme. Sort of.

My usual tree is traditional. Colored lights, wooden and handmade ornaments, some things from my childhood, etc. Basically a mix match of all sorts of things.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love my tree and it’s usually beautiful. I get compliments every year. I just want something a little more “orderly” this year. (And bigger. Bigger is always better.)

At least I say that now. It’s subject to change as it gets closer.

My new tree is also a pre-lit tree (I don’t do the whole wrapping lights thing), but it has white lights. So that will be an adjustment.

I’m just deciding on what my “theme” or “color scheme” will be now.  I like traditional colors. But I am far from boring. (I mean I have red and purple hair.) I’m guessing it’ll be a mix of traditional and contemporary.

Ok, enough blabbering. The holidays just get me giddy though.

I’m very into making my own stuff and I like to personalize things, so when I found a blank ornament for .40 at Hobby Lobby, I wanted to make our own family ornament for 2012.

I bought the blank ceramic bulb and 2 metallic acrylic paints (cause I’m all about the sparkle).

Got home and assembled my supplies.

Then started. Decided on something basic for my first attempt.

I also painted the back the same metallic green and let it dry before doing the stripes.

Added red metallic stripes.

Let it dry, then repeated the process with both colors again.

Then I added white dots and painted our last name and the year.

Went over the dots 2x as well.

And here’s my finished ornament.

Not perfect, but I think I’ll get more and maybe get a little more complex when doing one for each one of us (including our cats.)


My baby boy was home with me yesterday and he wanted a “Jack O Lantern” like Spookly.

I only had mini oranges, so we used a permanent (we means me. He’s 3) marker and made jack o lantern faces.

Super cute, healthy alternatives to Trick R Treat loot for people you know!

Here’s a peek!


2 thoughts on “Holiday Mode!

    • Ours too. It’s stuff from the kids. Things James and I have given each other. Things from when I was a child.
      I love traditional Christmas!
      But I’m not totally traditional as you know.
      I’m eclectic. 😉

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