Halloween Fun!

I love Fall. My kids love Halloween.
I love projects and I love to let my kids do fun things and see the joy on their faces. There is nothing better than seeing your kids happy. And the simplest things make them happy.
Every year, I carve pumpkins and I love it. I love letting my kids get excited about the designs. I like getting my hands full of pumpkin guts and and roasting the seeds. I love how they look all lit up and on display.
I don’t love that they start to rot within 2 days and I don’t like that I end up finishing them alone because my babies get bored and my husband is just not into it.  🙂

This year we decided to try painting pumpkins.

The kids picked their own pumpkins, picked their own paint colors, and we set up newspaper, gave them brushes and let them go.
They LOVED it!

Then I saw this totally cute idea of  painting glasses and filling them with candies or other junk.

I got some blank glasses at the dollar store.

Used Stained Glass paint (I always have it on hand, because you can make awesome personalized window clings with it and a Ziplock bag), to make cute faces.

And here’s the finished product.

Each glass. Ghost, Jack O Lantern, & Frankenstein.


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