Christmas is in the air… At least at my house.

I broke all the rules today. My kids are home from school. Neither had class today, and by 8AM Mommy was a crazy person, so… I did something out of the box.

I put Christmas music on the Bose and turned the tv off.

My daughter, who is right at 5, asked me what I was doing since it wasn’t even Halloween yet.  I responded with, it’s time for Christmas Cheer! We are going to write letters to Santa, clean out our old toys and clothes to donate, and if y’all (meaning both of my children. Louisiana/Southern slang) are good, we’ll make some Christmas cookies.

As you can imagine, she was quite confused. But she went with it (she’s also not feeling well, so maybe that helped). The Biebs’ Christmas album was playing (Justin Bieber, but my daughter is 5!) and we got to work.

We made it all the way through my son’s room and then both crashed.

This meant Mommy had some time. I started our Christmas list and tried to get an idea of what people are getting. (I have already started shopping).

We do Christmas baskets every year for our family and friends and they’re always a big hit. We usually have a bottle of wine, a candle, some coffee or tea, and then the kids and I bake and create the rest. But they are always a hit.

We put a lot of love into them.

Another thing we do (I’ve done it myself for many years, but now my family is involved as well) is we fill a shoebox with toys for Operation Christmas Child. It’s very easy and doesn’t cost much. But it’s something my children can get involved with. We let each one fill their own shoebox. Usually my daughter does one for a girl around her age and my son for a boy around his age. The total cost with mailing is between $15-20.  But they love it and we love it and it involves them and teaches them about giving to others in need.

We also send Christmas Cards and Care Packages to soldiers. There are many ways you can do this.

You can find someone you know or someone you know of and send to them (and/or their units) if they are stationed overseas or just away from home for the holidays. You can send to military hospitals and the soldiers who are patients will receive them, or you can donate to Soldier’s Angels Six Months of Christmas. (There are many more organizations, this is just the organization we personally use).

The 3 above are all things that we do for our soldiers every year, as a thank you for their service and again it allows my children to learn and what better way to teach them about giving thanks, compassion, patriotism, and goodwill.

Now onto my fun stuff.

My 9 foot tree this year is going to be an eclectic mix and I’m really enjoying making ornaments for it.

Here are 2 more of my recent projects.

The first are just family ornaments.

I get each of us an ornament every year, but this year I decided to paint my own.

I just went to Hobby Lobby and let my  3 year old son pick out 4 blank ceramic ornaments and then I came home and painted them for each member of our family.

Here’s how they came out.

Another great ornament was inspired by a post on Pinterest.

It’s a marbled bulb. Gorgeous!

I will tell you though, this is a time consuming project. Each one took about 20 minutes.

Shatterproof bulbs with acrylic paint. But BEAUTIFUL!


Take the top off of the bulb. (Glass will work too. Though I would stick with round bulbs. And this house requires things that cannot break!)

Pick your acrylic paint colors. As many or as few as you’d like. (I used Metallic Red, Metallic Green, and White)

Pour some in the mouth of the bulb right at the top, then use the motion of your hand to work it down the bulb.

Do this with all of your colors, placing the colors at the mouth, approximately where you’d like them to be in the bulb.

Once “most” of the inside of the bulb is covered, just turn the bulb in all directions (depending on where the hole that needs to be covered is).

It will take about 20 minutes to cover the entire inside of the bulb. Then just sit upright and let dry for about 24 hours.

Put the top back on and use coordinating ribbon as hangers.

Gorgeous handmade, marble bulbs.

See the process and the end result below.

Happy Holidays (yes I know it’s not yet Halloween), but it’s festive in here.

But right now, I hear a Peppermint Mocha calling my name!


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