Southern Shrimp and Corn Soup (More like a chowder)

Corn and Shrimp SoupSeafood and Louisiana just go together.
You can’t have one without the other.
Soups and stews are some of our most popular dishes here in the South.
And one of MY personal favorites is Shrimp and Corn Soup.
It’s rich and creamy and simply delicious.
It’s simply as one of my favorite saying about food states, “A party in your mouth.” Continue reading


Turkey and Cheese Birdnests

Every day with my kids I hear, “I’m hungry. But I don’t want…” (All day long!)
Yesterday was no exception.
So my mission was to whip up a good breakfast (though these could be use for tailgating, lunch, dinner, appetizers, party food, etc) with what I had on hand in the fridge.
My daughter and I took stock and saw what we had to work with.
Deli turkey, refrigerated croissants, shredded cheese, and honey mustard.

I thought, I can work with this.
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Oh my yum…


As I mentioned in my previous post, my birthday was last Friday and there truly is nothing I enjoy more than cooking a nice meal with my husband. Don’t get me wrong, I love to go out to eat but sometimes it’s nice to just enjoy some good food, wine and champagne in the comfort of your own home. Read my last post to get all the info about where I got my inspiration for this meal from and be sure to visit his site to get even more ideas including the fried mac n’ cheese bites he posted over the weekend! My parents got me Martha Stewart’s Cooking School for Christmas so I just went with the standard Macaroni and Cheese recipe from there. I decided I wanted to add the lobster and my husband asked if we could throw some bacon in there too, it was incredible!…

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And we have sun!

Ladies and gentleman, the sun is out today!
Now some of you may not understand the significance of this… but I live in the Deep South. Louisiana to be exact.
One of the great things about living here is that it’s rarely cold.
To us, cold is like 45 degrees. Parkas and snow boots are a fashion statement (albeit one that makes absolutely NO sense, as we live in LOUISIANA), and really usually serve no logical purpose.
But for the past 3 weeks, it’s been COLD (like almost freezing) and wet. It’s rained every single day.
Around the state we’ve had a lot of flooding and a lot of damage from all of this water that has no where to go and no time to drain before even more rain is dumped on us.
BUT the glowing orb in the sky is out today and it’s a beautiful sight!

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Chick Lit and Globs

Who knew my love of reading, my newly formed Book Club (because nothing is more fun than finding out people other than you have your reading tastes and getting FREE books loaned, right), and my love of cooking/baking would all come together?

Some friends of mine with the same eclectic reading tastes as myself recommended a series of light books 2 days ago.
After staying up late, reading in the jacuzzi at night, during nap time during the day, and during Carpool, I am on the 3rd and final book in the series and I’m feeling inspired. Continue reading

New Favorite Author Added to the List

I love to read.

To me there is nothing like relaxing (or sitting on the edge of your seat, holding your breath) with a good book and losing yourself in it’s pages for awhile.

Books to me are an escape from reality for a brief while and I love when a story is so well written or even poorly written with a good plot and great characters, and you become emotionally involved.

Non readers simply do not get the lure and appeal of a good book.

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Carnival time in Louisiana, King Cake Time

Yesterday was the official kickoff of Carnival Season, aka MARDI GRAS here in Louisiana!
This means king cake, parades, good music, and loads of fun. And if you’re brave enough to head down to New Orleans (which everyone should do at least once in their life, put Mardi Gras in NOLA on your Bucket List. Trust me!) you’ll see sights you cannot imagine and one of the world’s largest parties!

My kids are huge fans of king cake and parades. Continue reading