Warm fresh bread on a cold day…

There is nothing like a roaring fire, some spiced apple caramel cider, and the smell of fresh baked bread on a cold, wet day.

It’s cold and misting outside, my kids are feeling a little cabin fever from being cooped up, and one of my 5 year old’s and I’s favorite ways to spend time together is by baking.

These biscuits are melt in your mouth delicious and so easy a 5 year old can do it! There was a small incident (my own fault) trying to appease my 5 year old after taking them out of the oven, but other than that, the pan was gone in 10 minutes.

***Note, NEVER ever touch any hot pan with your bare hands. You will lose skin, cuss like a drunken sailor (hey I like sailors), and scare your children to death. *** Public Service Announcement. 🙂

Now, onto the recipe.

Easy Peesey 4 Ingredient Biscuits


2 cups Bisquick mix
1/2 cup light sour cream
1/2 cup Gingerale, Sprite, or 7Up
1/2 cup melted butter

Preheat oven to 450.

Stir sour cream into your Bisquick mix, then add Gingerale, Sprite, or 7Up. This will create a very soft dough.

If you are like me and want Drop Biscuits, move onto the next step, if not and you want pretty, neat, cut biscuits,  sprinkle your counter with some Bisquick mix, place your dough in the center, flour (Biscuick) your rolling pin and roll out your dough. Cut out biscuits.
Melt butter and pour half of  it into a 9″ square baking pan. Either drop your biscuits with a spoon or arrange your cut biscuits in the pan on top of melted butter.

Once all your biscuits are in the pan, pour the other half of the melted butter over the top of the biscuits.

Bake for 15-20 minutes or until the tops are light golden brown and the centers are set. (Check with a toothpick).

Allow to cool for a few minutes, then enjoy!

Ginger Ale Bread

Isn’t that some pretty bread?

As for the Caramel Apple Cider, we took the easy way out today.

Caramel Apple Cider (the easy way)

Use packaged dry Apple Cider OR premixed Apple cider.

Mix it the regular way, but sub a bit of orange juice for the water. Or just add a bit of orange juice to the premade Cider.

Warm it on the microwave if you have the premade Cider.

Pour 1-2 TB of caramel sauce (Torino or Hershey’s works fine) into the cider.

Mix with a cinnamon stick or sprinkle a tiny bit of cinnamon on top if you don’t have sticks.

So yummy!

Comments are appreciated!

Have a great Sunday!

Go Ravens!!! (I just lover and respect Ray Lewis so much!)


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