Crawfish Dirty Rice

Louisiana means good food.

It’s stick to your ribs and sometimes quick cooking deliciousness.

Today was a long day. We had errands and a birthday party in the sauna, also known as Louisiana in August.

The last thing I wanted to do was slave in the kitchen to get dinner on the table. So, I went to the deep freezer to take stock and crawfish tails jumped out at me. (Not literally of course)

Threw them in some tap water in the sink to defrost and started thinking.

Crawfish Dirty Rice was the answer. I served it with roasted corn (made in the convection oven) and dinner was served!


1 lb crawfish, cooked and peeled

4 cups cooked rice (I use Jasmine because I just like it)

1 med purple onion diced

4 green onions chopped (Use the whole thing. Green stem and white bulb)

1 med bell pepper diced fine  (or about  1 cup of diced red, green, and yellow bell peppers)
large celery  rib diced fine

3 TB of Vegetable Oil

1TB of dried Parsley

1 tsp dried Oregano

1/4 cup of chopped chives (I cut them right over the pan with kitchen shears)

1/2-1 TB cayenne pepper (or red pepper flakes)

Salt to taste

Black Pepper to taste


Saute onions in oil.

Add crawfish and cook about 5 minutes until crawfish are reheated.

Add celery, green onions and bell peppers and seasonings, stirring well and cooking on low heat until most of the veggies are cooked down and there is very little liquid left, about 15-20 minutes.

While this is cooking, cook your rice. (I use a rice pot for ease)
Once rice is cooked, put in pan with crawfish mixture and stir well to combine.

Chop chives right on the top.

Let sit for about 10 minutes to meld flavors.


Crawfish Dirty Rice

Crawfish Dirty Rice

Everyone in my house had multiple bowls. 🙂


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