Painted Mailboxes for Good School Behavior!

Both of my babies will be attending school full time, starting next week.

Whoo hoo. Confetti. Streamers. Loud music and me dancing around with no “sound limits”!

While I took my little leprechaun with me to grab his school supplies this morning, we were scrounging through Hobby Lobby, and I came across these cute little cardboard mailboxes.

We were there to get a canvas bag, but left with a buggy full of goodies. (Shaking my head. That store should be off limits to me!)

But I thought… what a cute idea for treats for good behavior at school. When they have a good day and get a good report, I can put the little flag up and place a small treat in it. When they get a bad note, the flag stays down and they will not receive a treat.

Came home, after making one more stop to grab the rest of the supplies and treating my little man to McDonald’s (ICK) because he was so good, and decided to break out the paint while he napped.

I should have been editing and revising my novel, but I slacked today. Oh well. I’m entitled to an off day.

While my baby boy napped, I got covered in acrylic paint and got to work.

Acrylic paints in whatever colors you want (I chose 3 per mailbox)
Brushes to paint with (Asst. Sizes)
Cardboard Mailboxes
Cup of water to rinse your brushes
Paper to cover work area
Paper towels to dry brushes
Paint pens to write with


Apply your first coat.

Apply your first coat.

Apply your first coat to the main body of the piece. I laid it on pretty thick since cardboard is like a sponge. Do 2 coats.

Add your Accent Color.

Add your Accent Color.

Step Two: Add your accent color, being VERY careful not to run over with your darker paint (if it is in fact darker).

Paint your flag another contrasting color.

Paint your flag another contrasting color.

Step Three: Paint your flag yet another color. I painted it really thick so I only used one coat. But be really careful not to get the paint anywhere but on the flag. (I also painted the back of the flag the same color.)

Add Writing to the Flag

Add Writing to the Flag

Step Four: Add writing to the flags with a Sharpie or Paint pen.

Decorate the front.

Decorate the front.

Step Five: Decorate the front of your mailboxes with paint pens. (My hand is no where near steady enough to do this with a paintbrush!)

Hang and Enjoy!

Hang and Enjoy!

Step Six: Hang on the wall with extra strong Fun Tak, a screw, or **Scotch Clear Mounting Squares (my choice). I used 2 on the back of each mailbox and pressed firmly to the wall. (It says it’s safe for half a lb. Though I will never have that much in there.)

Now just wait for your kids’ reports from school and fill with treats, allowance, etc as you see fit

My kids are excited to see what treats they will have waiting for them!

Incentive for good behavior!

Here’s to Chaos, because anything less is boring!


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