Paw Paw Buddy’s Old Fashioned Slush (Geaux Gillikin)

Guest blog from my friend Niki over at Geaux Gillikin.

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Baby It’s Cold Outside

The temperature is down and  the fire is lit. It’s the holiday season and what’s better than a warm cup of hot chocolate in front of a fire while Christmas movies are on the tv?
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Peppermint Mocha

I’ve gotten some e-mails after my blog from yesterday asking why I teased about a Peppermint Mocha, but did not share my recipe.

Our oldest munchkin came home from school feeling unwell on Tuesday and since then it’s gotten progressively worse.

Her temperature keeps spiking and we give her Tylenol/Motrin every few hours. Last night she climbed in bed with Mommy and Daddy crying around midnight and neither of us slept well.

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Christmas is in the air… At least at my house.

I broke all the rules today. My kids are home from school. Neither had class today, and by 8AM Mommy was a crazy person, so… I did something out of the box.

I put Christmas music on the Bose and turned the tv off.

My daughter, who is right at 5, asked me what I was doing since it wasn’t even Halloween yet.  I responded with, it’s time for Christmas Cheer! We are going to write letters to Santa, clean out our old toys and clothes to donate, and if y’all (meaning both of my children. Louisiana/Southern slang) are good, we’ll make some Christmas cookies.

As you can imagine, she was quite confused. But she went with it (she’s also not feeling well, so maybe that helped). Continue reading

Perfect Creamy Pralines (Prejean’s)

I love sugar. I love pecans. I mean I’m from Louisiana and it’s a fact we have the BEST food anywhere in the world. And what’s better than sugar and pecans?

Pralines are a Southern specialty and they are not always east to make. But the best one’s the one’s that make grown men beg and make you want to slap ya momma (not really. It’s a Southern saying meaning delicious.).

I have had trouble making them myself and if they are bad, well they are still good. It’s sugar and pecans!

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25 Days of Christmas, 25 Acts of Random Kindness Challenge

Things have been insane around my house the past few days. But I had some time this morning after having 2 cups of coffee, getting my daughter off to school, and playing with my son.

I was browsing a few blogs and found a great idea from last year that I will be incorporating into our Christmas traditions this year. My children are 3 and 4 11/12ths  (she’ll be 5 in a month), but I want to teach them that Christmas is not about presents and it’s a time of goodwill and helping others. This year, we’re going to be “RACKing” people. (Random Acts of Christmas Kindness)

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Niki’s Dad’s Famous Shrimp Dip

I have this very good friend who makes this amazing shrimp dip. It’s her father’s recipe and until now, she’s kept it under lock and key.

I and many of our friends have asked her for it over and over, but she’s refused to share… until now. Continue reading