Paw Paw Buddy’s Old Fashioned Slush (Geaux Gillikin)

Guest blog from my friend Niki over at Geaux Gillikin.

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Niki’s Dad’s Famous Shrimp Dip

I have this very good friend who makes this amazing shrimp dip. It’s her father’s recipe and until now, she’s kept it under lock and key.

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LSU Football and Pastalaya… A Winning Combination.

It’s that time of year again. FOOTBALL SEASON! And here in the South, that’s serious business.

It means good food, good fun, social gatherings, drinking, and a good time!

Saturday was the opening game of LSU’s Season. For those not from here, Tiger football is no joke. People take thier football seriously. We plan get togethers either at the games, in bars and restaurants, or in our homes. We cook huge meals and it’s the best time around.

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