Crawfish Etouffee (Crawfish Stew)

Being from the South, Lent is a big deal to us.
And on Fridays during Lent, even people who are not Catholic tend to stay away from meat because the seafood offerings are so divine.
One of my favorite Louisiana dishes is Crawfish Etouffee. It can also be made with fresh Gulf shrimp. (Some people call it Crawfish Stew)
If you ever made it down to where the black trees grow (Louisiana), make sure you try this dish.
Or you could just make it!
(But use Louisiana crawfish, not Chinese) Continue reading


Because Louisiana is HOME

Because Louisiana is Home   

Written by: Skye Roth Turner

This is in response to all of the negative and in my book, asinine comments from people about why don’t people from Louisiana and the Gulf Coast “just move” as we keep having natural disasters I’ve been seeing on various media outlet’s (from around the country) pages. (This article was posted by me on WWLTV (Facebook) and CNN (Facebook)
I am almost 33 years old and was born and raised in Louisiana. I have traveled the world and as beautiful as the rest of the world is, I have seen no place more beautiful than Louisiana. Louisiana is not just where I live, it’s HOME. It’s where I chose to make my life upon becoming an adult. It’s where I chose to raise my children. Continue reading