Painted Mailboxes for Good School Behavior!

Both of my babies will be attending school full time, starting next week.

Whoo hoo. Confetti. Streamers. Loud music and me dancing around with no “sound limits”!

While I took my little leprechaun with me to grab his school supplies this morning, we were scrounging through Hobby Lobby, and I came across these cute little cardboard mailboxes.

We were there to get a canvas bag, but left with a buggy full of goodies. (Shaking my head. That store should be off limits to me!)

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Crawfish Dirty Rice

Louisiana means good food.

It’s stick to your ribs and sometimes quick cooking deliciousness.

Today was a long day. We had errands and a birthday party in the sauna, also known as Louisiana in August.

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It’s a Wubbzy Waterslide kind of party…

My little man is 4 years old tomorrow.

I cannot believe it.

Where has the time gone?

But today… it’s PARTY DAY!

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Expectations and Assumptions

I have bridged out and have taken the jump from Book Editor to Book Author!
This is my brand new Author page and what I have been so busy working on the past little while.
My debut Adult Romance/Erotic Romance Novel should be released sometime in Early Fall 2013!

Skye Turner~ Author/ Sloane Nicole~ Author

Since I’ve let the cat out of the bag, so to speak, that I’m writing an adult novel, the sheer amount of support and well wishes from family, friends, and even strangers has been amazing.

But along with the support and well-meaning, supportive e-mails, texts, Facebook messages,  and Facebook Wall posts, have come some pretty funny messages as well.

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And we have sun!

Ladies and gentleman, the sun is out today!
Now some of you may not understand the significance of this… but I live in the Deep South. Louisiana to be exact.
One of the great things about living here is that it’s rarely cold.
To us, cold is like 45 degrees. Parkas and snow boots are a fashion statement (albeit one that makes absolutely NO sense, as we live in LOUISIANA), and really usually serve no logical purpose.
But for the past 3 weeks, it’s been COLD (like almost freezing) and wet. It’s rained every single day.
Around the state we’ve had a lot of flooding and a lot of damage from all of this water that has no where to go and no time to drain before even more rain is dumped on us.
BUT the glowing orb in the sky is out today and it’s a beautiful sight!

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CHD (Congenital Heart Defect) Awareness. Our family’s story…

CHD’s (Congenital Heart Defects) affect 1 out of every 100 babies born.

They have nothing to do with race, religion, health (for the most part, though it can be genetic), etc.

They are not selective and can happen to rich or poor people.

Newborns in many states are NOT screened for CHD’s as a part of regular Newborn Screening Tests before they are sent home.

There is a simple, quick, and painless test for newborns that parents can ask for that will rule out heart defects, lung issues, and many other issues that if not caught and treated can be deadly. It is called a Pulse Ox Test.

Women who give birth in hospitals have a Pulse Ox Meter attached to them the entire time they are in labor. It is that tiny red light that is attached to your finger and it measures the oxygen level in your blood. If your number drops, it means something is wrong.

This test in MANY states is NOT done on newborns. This is slowly changing state to state as parents and advocates work with Senators to introduce bills to make it a mandatory part of Newborn Screenings.

I am a CHD Parent. My son is a CHD Baby, a Heart Warrior, and here is our story.

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