Pumpkin White Chocolate Hot Chocolate

Today is the FIRST day of Fall. Fall means cooler weather, gorgeous warm colors, football, hoodies, boots, and pumpkin everything.


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White Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Cookies

It’s a gorgeous day in South Louisiana. It’s not a bazillion degrees outside, the humidity is down, and everyone is putting Halloween decorations out.
It’s a mommy and kiddos day, so I’m taking a break from writing and editing (for now) and the kids and I have been doing one of our favorite pastimes… Baking!

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Angel Food Panini and Pumpkin Spice White Chocolate Mocha Coffee

The New Orleans Saints are kicking bootay and taking names on my television. My munchkins are both napping. My husband is chopping onions in the kitchen. I have a sauce simmering on the stove for our grilled pork chops and pumpkin ravioli for dinner. The bay window is open and Fall is in the air.

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It’s that time… FALL

September 22 is the “official” kickoff to Fall, but since that’s only a few days away, I say… Time to decorate!

I’ve stated before, but Fall is my absolute favorite time of the year. And it makes me feel good. It’s the time of get togethers and holidays.

It’s time for pumpkin everything. Though it’s more than pumpkins for me. It’s the spiced coffees, amazing desserts, colored leaves, flag football, family days, a bit of bite to the air, hay rides, etc… Continue reading

Fall is in the air. Caramel Apple Latte anyone?

Fall is my favorite season. Something about the colors, the smells, the sounds, the football, just everything inspires me and puts a bounce in my step. I love it. Gumbo, hot chocolate, playing in the leaves, hoodie sweaters, boots, and lots of outdoor fun are what Fall means to me.

Fall also reminds me of fairs and festivals. And what is the best part of Fall fairs and festivals, well the food certainly, but caramel apples to be exact! What’s better than the crisp tangy bite of an apple covered in sweet caramel? In my book, not a lot.

The taste and smell are just divine and scream FALL to me. Continue reading