Skye’s Show Stopping Guacamole

If you’re like me, you love avacados. I could eat them plain (and do quite regularly.) I slice them and add them to sandwiches and salads. But my absolute favorite is guacamole! 
Today, after punishing my kids and making them clean (I know, horrible mother. At least they thought so. I mean, how dare I make them clean the house when the sun was out and it was a gorgeous day! My 8 year old diva’s words.), I DID let them go outside and then we came in and made guacamole as a snack.  

It was a hit and we, of course, made a giant batch, but that means more for me later when I watch some Netflix after their bedtime!

Here’s my recipe: 



5 good sized RIPE avacados, diced

1 small purple onion, finely chopped

2 TB Lemon OR lime juice (fresh is best, but in a pinch, use bottled)

1 TB garlic powder

1 TSP dried Chipoltle (skip if you don’t care for it)

1 TB chopped fresh cilantro (1/2 TB dried)

Sea salt to taste. 

Fresh ground pepper to taste

***No one in my house cares for tomatoes, so I do NOT add them, but if you like them, finely chop a small Roma or whatever you like and add them.

Diced avacado (The diva wanted to point them out.) 


Dice avacados and chop onions. Add them to a large bowl. 

Add other ingredients. Stir, stir, stir. 


Adjust salt and pepper to your liking. 

***We like chunky avacados, so I do not really mash them, but if you like smooth and creamy guacamole, mash away. 

Can serve immediately or refrigerate overnight for the flavors to meld together. 

*Bet you can’t wait to devour it. It’s really THAT good. 


 Before stirring. 

Homemade OREO Butter

Are you a fan of Oreo cookies?! Would you like to be able to spread Oreos on fruit, bread, or literally anything else?

Now you can with my super easy and delicious Oreo Butter. 

It’s very easy to make and comes together pretty quickly. It’s perfect for parties or gift giving or really any time you want a sweet treat. 

Oreo Butter (Homemade) 


Makes: 1 jar/ container

2 ½ cups finely crushed Oreos (2 packs of Oreos with the filling removed)

½ stick melted salted butter (cooled)

½ cup evaporated milk 

With food processor pulse your cookies until finely crumbled (if you do NOT have a food processor, you can use a Ziplock bag and a wooden rolling pin. Just crush the cookies with the pin inside of the closed and sealed bag. You will need to do it multiple times to get it fine enough.)
In large bowl, stir in melted butter and evaporated milk until combined.

*If butter is too thin, add more cookie crumbs to thicken.

*Can store in a jar or container up to 6 weeks. 

*MUST be refrigerated to store. 
Serve with graham crackers, sliced fruit, bread, cookies, or cheese.

*Allow to come to room temperature after refrigeration before eating.

*You can substitute whole milk for evaporated milk

*For vegan or dairy free Oreo butter, sub any nut milk or coconut milk. 


As always if you try it and you love it, let me know and be certain to share the recipe with your friends! 

Always embrace the chaos because everything else is boring! 

Easy and Delicious Loaded Potato Soup

It’s absolutely FREEZING in Louisiana. Like my house had no hot water upstairs this morning because the pipe froze under my house, freezing.
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The Day I Finally Felt Like an “Author.” RELEASE WEEK: ALLURING SURRENDER: DAY 4.

Skye Turner~ Author

The Day I Finally “Felt” Like I Was an Author
By: Author Skye Turner

About seventeen months ago, I started on this journey called self-publishing. One day in the summer of 2013, while my husband was offshore and my kids were running around my house like crazy little people, I sat at my laptop and decided to get the ideas that were living in my head… out.

I wrote like a person possessed that day. I think I wrote something like nine thousand words. It was like now that I was finally allowing the voices in my head to talk, they had so much to say.

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Thankful November. Giving Back…

I fully support our troops and veteran’s.
Join me and show your support.
Thank you!

Skye Turner~ Author

The past 2 months have been like something out of a movie.

I went from working in my home as an Indie editor and being a domestic goddess to being an Amazon Bestselling Author.

This is Thankful November and I am beyond thankful for the blessings bestowed upon me.

Thankful November

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